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Easy Email Backup - World License

Easy Email Backup - World License

Easy Email Backup - World License Publisher's Description

New Page 2 Backing up your Emails and personal Data made easier with Easy Email Backup.

Easy Email Backup is the most comprehensive and easy to use backup software that helps you to backup your important emails and data on your computer. It can simplify the entire process of backing up your emails and personal data and provides easy options to restore it. With Easy Email Backup, you can have a cost effective and efficient backup system that would be very useful to protect and manage your data.


If you do not have an efficient backup system installed on your computer, you are at great risk! Your Emails and Data stored on your computer are vulnerable to most of the common computer viruses, security issues, and other errors. Easy Email Backup lets you save important emails and data on your computer so that you will not run the risk of losing it.


Do you use a computer with many users working on it? Do you wish to make your private emails secured? Add extra security by protecting your data with a password.


Did you know that you could backup your emails with just one click? Save time with the Easy Email Backup ?Quick Backup` option.


Do you have email accounts on more than one computer? Transfer your complete Outlook settings to a new computer with ease.

  • Backing up Emails
  • Backing up Personal Data
  • Adding Security
  • Creating compressed backup
  • Creating online backup
  • Creating backup on CD/DVD Media
  • Creating automated backup using Easy Email Backup Scheduling
  • Transferring data to another computer using Restore option
Key Features

Save your entire Outlook data including emails, accounts, address book, stationery, and the like.


ü  Easy Email Backup can backup data from Outlook Express®, Microsoft Outlook®, Internet Explorer®, My documents folder and Desktop. In addition to these default locations select and add data from other folders to the backup file


ü  Create backups on a regular basis with ?Quick Backup`, a single click backup option.


ü  Burn your backup directly to a DVD or CD ROM without using any disc burning utility or upload your backup to a FTP location.


ü  Manage your backup file immediately after creating it. As soon as you complete your backup operation, your backup folder opens automatically for you to view copy or move your backup file.


ü  Set your backup and restoration folders from the settings and configurations option and manage your backup.


ü  Emails are private information for most of us and you would want them to remain secured when you back it up as well. Easy Email Backup offers better security by providing password protection for your backups.


ü  Space is always a priority when you create a backup. Easy Email Backup offers you different compression preferences for your backup.


ü  Schedule your backup operation to be a quick backup, custom backup or automatic backup according to your preference.


ü  Easy Email Back comes with an elegant User Interface featuring the most essential tools for easy navigation.


Choose Backup items Outlook Express

Account Settings                You have to create an account inside Outlook express when you first set it up. Easy Email Backup automatically backs up your account settings so that you can easily restore it and skip the setup process.

Address book                     Discover how easy it is to backup your Address book.

Sender                              Outlook express stores details of each sender inside the sender folder. Backup this information to keep a track of your senders.

Email Messages                  Backup your entire email folders on Outlook Express with Easy Email Backup

Message Rules                   You can create rules for your messages and apply it for specific purposes in Outlook Express. Backup your existing Message rules and restore it to a new account without creating it from scratch.

Signatures                         Backup multiple signatures stored on Outlook Express.

Stationery                         Save your stationeries for future use. Back it up with Easy Email Backup.

System Settings                 Do you wish to have the exact copy of your Outlook express System settings? Use Easy Email backup to mirror your System settings with the Restore option.

Microsoft Outlook

Identities                           Restore the exact copy of Outlook identities from your backup using Easy Email Backup

Senders                             Backup sender details on Microsoft Outlook.

Dictionary                          Do you want to use a particular dictionary in Outlook? Transfer the Dictionary by restoring it from a backup using Easy Email Backup

Macros and VBA Programs  Create a backup of your Macros and VBA Programs.

Offline folders                    Don`t miss a thing while creating a backup! Not even your Offline folders.

Personal Address books     What could be more important in Outlook than your address book? Back it up with Easy Email Backup.

Signatures                         Backup multiple signatures stored on Microsoft Outlook.

Setting files                       Backup the System settings for Microsoft Outlook.

Internet Explorer

Auto Complete                   Save your Auto Complete information stored inside Internet Explorer.

Cookies                             Cookies from your most commonly accessed websites are stored in your computer to recognize you and keep track of your preferences. Backup your cookies stored in Internet Explorer.

Favorites                           Use Easy Email Backup to backup your favorite links in Internet Explorer.

IE Settings                         Backup your entire Internet Settings with Easy Email Backup.

Other Files 

My Documents                   Backup folders and files inside the My Documents Folder.

My Desktop files                 Backup your Desktop files. You will never feel that you made changes to your computer.

Add other folders

Custom folders                   Backup custom folders on your computer with Easy Email Backup. It`s easy to add custom folders to the backup.


Easy Email Backup is a great solution to backup, manage, and protect your emails and personal data. So what are you waiting for? Order now and start backing up!

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